June 1, 2013

Why open communication is key success factor for social business

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Communication matters – seems to be a simple truth, but by entering social business communication is brought to a complete new level. Why?

Lets paint an easy picture to make clear where the point is.

ImaginDripping crude oile a traditional company with a traditional hierarchical setup. For communication you have eMail and, in case the company is an advanced one, something like an intranet. And of course a static internet websites. Driving internal communication follows a simple rule – comands are given top down via eMail, daily work is done in the same style. Thats it. Communication habits always follow company culture. In case of a traditional culture, communication is like oil for a machine – only put exactly there where neccessary. Normally this fits to a company culture where information often is locked away.


man pushing interface But with social business, the culture hopefully shifts towards a network. And so tools for communication and collaboration do, too. Now lets imagine a social business as being a     huge brain. Every employee and leader being a brain node. And communication being not sparsely used oil anymore – but highly used neurotransmitters. Simply: brain fuel. And for this brain fuel there needs to be a new principle in place – transparency. Without the clear statement towards more transparency from top management, the brain has no communication fuel.  But if teams learn to share information more open, the brain begins to works. Then a social network makes sense, otherwise not.


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