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If you are looking for a profound digital business strategist and proven company developer, then you have found the right guy.

Joachim carries away the audience into the world of high-class digital businesses and releases them with fresh ideas and sustainable motivation for their own digital adventures.

Joachim both inspires and briefs – whether your event is an international congress, a company event, 10 or 1.000 persons. Whether it is 5 or 100 minutes, in english or german language.

Keynote | Digital Heroes X-Rayed – Inside Amazon and Co

If you search for deep and valuable insights why Amazon, Haier, Alibaba and many more digital heroes rule their markets, this keynote is your wish.
The keynote delivers profound answers to the question what the best practise looks like, The keynote dives into the secret ingredients of digital heroes, as if they would have been x-rayed.

Contents of the keynote:

  • Insights: Why are so many markets reinvented today?
  • X-Rayed: What are the core strengths of Amazon and Haier?
  • Examined: Where does the culture of Amazon differs from traditional businesses?
  • Proven: How do examples of market-attacks of Amazon look like?
  • Action: What could be first steps to your business to prepare?

Keynote | Is Your Businesses Doomed to Fail? The Strategy for Digital Growth

Today, markets develop quickly – and the vast majority of large businesses have no answer to the necessary innovation. Maneuvers like incubators and corporate start-ups jump far too short. Existing hierarchical organizations are unable to cope with the challenge of dynamic markets.

This keynote highlights, how innovation can create new markets and how digital heroes structure and operate themselves to achieve rocketing results in the digital age.

If you want to learn on innovative, adaptive organizations, this talk is your choice. The talk is packed with practical experience and deep insights in businesses from various industries. What works not – and what works is covered in this talk.

Contents of the talk:

  • Insights: Where is the market dynamic coming from, that already crashed big players like Blockbuster, Kodak and Nokia?
  • Examples: Which structures and cultures where living inside Blockbuster, Kodak and Nokia?
  • X-ray: Three organizational items that kill your business innovation
  • Experience: Transforming large businesses with the removal-strategy.

Keynote | Organized for Innovation – Understanding Radical New Business Organizations

99% of all (large) businesses are organized as hierarchical organizations. Good for plannable markets. But today, no markets is truly plannable due to digital influence. The dynamic and complex market overwhelmes the traditional management systems. A solution is urgently needed in order to avoid a Nokia-Scenario.

This talk gives you a full view on the most advanced digital organizations, that can be found today on this planet. Years of research and decades of practical insights give you an unknown deep and broad view on what todays most advanced business management and organizational systems look like.

Content of this talk:

  • Microscoped: Avoiding a Nokia-scenario by any means – why traditional business organizations get in trouble
  • Examined: Two selected, large digital top players on organizational X-Ray, allowing for insights and understanding on an unknown level.
  • The Future: A bold vision of platform-based business for innovation at scale – Introduction to one of the most advanced management systems