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If you are looking for a profound digital business strategist and proven leader in digital, then you have found the right guy.

Joachim carries away the audience into the world of high-class digital businesses and releases them with fresh ideas and sustainable motivation for their own digital adventures.

Joachim both inspires and briefs – whether your event is an international congress, a company event, 10 or 1.000 persons. Whether it is 5 or 100 minutes, in english or german language.

Digitalization: From buzzword to valid business strategy

  • What are the key categories of digital business models and what are the best examples?
  • Everything software? How to successfully combine hardware with digital services.
  • How can digitalization be integrated into the business strategy?
  • How can you prepare your business for the digital transformation?

Future Legends – digital transformation experience report

  • 15 years of business transformation practice: What works and what doesn’t?
  • How do successful digital business transformations look like?
  • Best practise: What is the challenge for business leaders in transformation? How do you create a culture for innovation?
  • Best practice: 8 proven tools for mastering (digital) change.

Companies x-rayed: How to identify and remove hurdles for more and better innovation

The key for the business future is innovation: Whether it is IoT, or platforms or services, digital innovation becomes a critical success factor.

But very often, hurdles and challenges inside organizations block innovation. But how to identify and remove those hurdles? Companies can be x-rayed! By x-raying companies, hidden hurdles get visible. This inspiring keynote highlights the experience of the speaker having x-rayed multiple companies.

Content of this talk:

  • Companies X-Rayed: Why it makes sense to look deeply into companies and their structures.
  • Innovation blocked: How hidden hurdles and challenges look like.
  • Unlock businesses: The string benefit of removing hurdles for innovation.

„This keynote opened my eyes.“
CEO Logistics Provider, Germany

„Thank you Joachim for this very interesting keynote!“
Vice President Business Development Banking, Netherlands

„The best presentation of the entire conference.“
Vice President Information Enterprise, US


Credentials (Abstract):

Deutsche Telekom AG
Robert Bosch GmbH
Bosch China
Bosch UK
Enterprise2.0 Conference, Paris
Ostdeutscher Sparkassenverband
RWTH Aachen Entrepreneurship Conference
IBM Connect Conference, Orlando
IBM Business Connect, Zurich
Social Connect, Amsterdam
Deutsche Bahn AG
T-Systems MMS
Start-Up Valley
BWCon Marketing Day
i-Mobility High Tech Event