The only important factor of good leadership

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Climbing team struggles to the summit.Having a deep look into my partnership with my wife I see that there is one very special item that makes the connection very strong and reliable: It´s trust. With trust I can rely, with trust I can let go, with trust I can talk about problems.

Now lets have a look on business side and here on leadership. Lets talk about trust and why this one factor is the most important one. I dive into some important leadership aspects with the perspective of trust.

Enable your employees – As a good leader you care in a way for your employees so that they get enabled and do …

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Heading for this years IBM Connect conference

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AirplanesWhat makes me traveling to US in January? Frank Sinatra telling me “Come fly with me”? Maybe the nice weather in Florida? Hmm, makes decision easier. But in fact, it is the annual conference from IBM on Social Business that makes me moving across the world. On the one side, it’s the topic social business that drives my job (link to, and on the other side, at Bosch we use IBM Connections as technical base for social business (German article available only).

This year, I used the first time the IBM social conference app on my Android to set up the …

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4 rumors that should make you move your business to social

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Croissance d'une pâquerette, fond nature et soleilHaving a look back to the past years, I tried to collect the typical rumors and signs that raise in a company regarding the request of internal social networks.I tried to make a small list. If you are a manager or leader in your company, try to listen and act fast.

Rumor 1 – Call for internal Facebook!

Listen carefully to your teams and associates. While Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, Facebook gets “normal”. More and more people get used to Facebook, some see the benefits and begin to ask inside the company for a solution “like Facebook”. But don´t walk the wrong path – …

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What if – trying to paint a connected society big picture

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The last few days, being at the E2.0 conference in Boston, I met a lot of people and had idea exchanges with people like Luis Suarez and Dion Hinchcliffe and listened to great presentations, one of those was the business leadership by Andrew McAfee.

What did Andrew presented? First, he showed some slides about the development of the american economy, then he showed the real income of the standard american family. To close the loop, he showed a slide, that displayed a sad but clear message: The lower the education level is, the faster your income decreased during crisis of 2008 to 2010. This led Andrew to the following key conclusion: America needs to redesign it´s education, empower …

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