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Business view: From weak social networks to real social system power

By , October 5th, 2014 | English Content, Social Business, Strategy | 2 Comments

A system is a great thing. I love to think in systems. Systems can be small – for example a coffee-machine. You put water and coffee-powder in. Some seconds later fresh coffee comes out. Systems can be huge – the weather is a system too. Well there are many more inputs than a coffee machine needs, but there is also an output – rain, sunshine, fog, storm.

Companies are a system too. There is a lot of input (customer demands, markets, raw material etc). Then the company is adding value (hopefully…). The output of the company is a great product or service that customers can buy. If the customer does not buy the stuff, the system dies and will be replaced …

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About technology, socbiz trends and a dream – my summary of the IBM Connect 2014

By , February 8th, 2014 | English Content, Social Business | 0 Comments

Again I am travelling to Orlando. Again IBM runs the big conference on social business and related stuff. And again I learned a lot about new technologies, built new contacts and worked on new ideas. But something made me think. It is about the dream that I work for. So let´s jump into the plane and lift off to Florida.


Before we dive into the learning of this year’s conference, let´s have a look on the general opening session. With this session in the early morning, IBM kicks off the conference. The American Authors – a young but already famous group in US – rocked the stage at eight o´clock in …

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Why open communication is key success factor for social business

By , June 1st, 2013 | English Content, Social Business | 0 Comments

Communication matters – seems to be a simple truth, but by entering social business communication is brought to a complete new level. Why?

Lets paint an easy picture to make clear where the point is.

ImaginDripping crude oile a traditional company with a traditional hierarchical setup. For communication you have eMail and, in case the company is an advanced one, something like an intranet. And of course a static internet websites. Driving internal communication follows a simple rule – comands are given top down via eMail, daily work is done in the same style. Thats it. Communication habits always follow company culture. In case of a traditional culture, communication is like oil for …

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Heading for this years IBM Connect conference

By , January 27th, 2013 | English Content, Social Business | 0 Comments

AirplanesWhat makes me traveling to US in January? Frank Sinatra telling me “Come fly with me”? Maybe the nice weather in Florida? Hmm, makes decision easier. But in fact, it is the annual conference from IBM on Social Business that makes me moving across the world. On the one side, it’s the topic social business that drives my job (link to, and on the other side, at Bosch we use IBM Connections as technical base for social business (German article available only).

This year, I used the first time the IBM social conference app on my Android to set up the …

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4 rumors that should make you move your business to social

By , December 27th, 2012 | English Content, Social Business | 0 Comments

Croissance d'une pâquerette, fond nature et soleilHaving a look back to the past years, I tried to collect the typical rumors and signs that raise in a company regarding the request of internal social networks.I tried to make a small list. If you are a manager or leader in your company, try to listen and act fast.

Rumor 1 – Call for internal Facebook!

Listen carefully to your teams and associates. While Facebook has hundreds of millions of users, Facebook gets “normal”. More and more people get used to Facebook, some see the benefits and begin to ask inside the company for a solution “like Facebook”. But don´t walk the wrong path – …

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