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The chief digital officer part 3 – how to organize the digital shift

By , August 15th, 2015 | English Content, Leadership, Strategy | 0 Comments

Hi and welcome to part number three of the blog series on the chief digital officer.

The first part lays groundwork and explains the urgent need for this role inside business in today’s digital world.

The second part digs deep into the tasks and the responsibility of the CDO. Part two also covers the necessary soft-skills which a CDO needs to bring with.

strategy plan on drawboardNow let´s work on the third part which deals with the correct setup of the CDO and the connected organization. Why is that so important? Just place this guy somewhere near top-management and see, things will move. No, they will not. As we have seen in …

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The chief digital officer part 2 – the tasks, the personality, the skills

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Hi and welcome to chapter 2 of the CDO blog post series.

In the first blog post of a series, I outlined the necessity of the chief digital officer. Digital technology is both – it can be a huge chance if you have the understanding of its power and possibilities. And it will be a threat to your company if you fail to run the transformation.  This huge responsibility needs to be taken by a chief digital officer. In this blog post, I dig into the main tasks of his work and the key aspects of his personality. I also outline the necessary leadership capabilities of such a personality. Let´s go discovering the #CDO 😉

First, I´d like …

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Learning from Guide Michelin awarded chefs about leadership

By , March 1st, 2014 | English Content, Leadership | 0 Comments

Cooking trainingYesterday I found an interesting article in the german economy newspaper “Handelsblatt”. Handelsblatt did an interview with the head-chef Christian Jürgens about his job, his 3rd Guide Michelin star and his understanding of leadership. It is astonishing how this guy changed from boss to leader in order to achieve better results with his team. Learn how he did that.

I have deep respect of star chefs in large and high quality restaurants. They produce awesome dinings for dozens or hundred people in the same time. They act like orchestra conductors, they need fantasy and expert knowledge about any kind of food. And they need a …

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The only important factor of good leadership

By , March 13th, 2013 | English Content, Leadership | 0 Comments

Climbing team struggles to the summit.Having a deep look into my partnership with my wife I see that there is one very special item that makes the connection very strong and reliable: It´s trust. With trust I can rely, with trust I can let go, with trust I can talk about problems.

Now lets have a look on business side and here on leadership. Lets talk about trust and why this one factor is the most important one. I dive into some important leadership aspects with the perspective of trust.

Enable your employees – As a good leader you care in a way for your employees so that they get enabled and do …

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