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Understanding the disruptive power of digital technology and prepare organizations for the neccessary change  – this is my main focus at work.

Digital technology approaches every edge in business and life. There is a simple question then: What are the recipes for bullet-proof organizations making their way into the future?

One answer to this question is the network itself – organizations need to understand, how to become a living network and how to connect to the existing globally connected world. And this is my understanding of my work: leading business into the digital world.


Since 2015

Shifting the Bosch enterprise2.0 program towards a ground layer for the digital transformation.

Since 2012

Leading the team of enterprise2.0 experts at Bosch in order support the entire organization with more than 380.000 employees to make their way into the networked, connected future.

2009 to 2011

Raising a team of enterprise2.0 consultants to work very close with many customers in Europe. Running projects for implementation of technical enterprise2.0 solutions as well as change management programs.

2004 to 2008

Initiating and supporting the “web2.0”-program at Deutsche Telekom. This was one of the very first bigger programs about moving a larger organization into the connected world. We started with technology and added change measures later.

Starting 1999

Discovering the web and its possibilities. I spend much time in knowledge management systems and learned with wikipedia and the growing blogosphere.


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