The chief digital officer part 3 – how to organize the digital shift

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Hi and welcome to part number three of the blog series on the chief digital officer.

The first part lays groundwork and explains the urgent need for this role inside business in today’s digital world.

The second part digs deep into the tasks and the responsibility of the CDO. Part two also covers the necessary soft-skills which a CDO needs to bring with.

strategy plan on drawboardNow let´s work on the third part which deals with the correct setup of the CDO and the connected organization. Why is that so important? Just place this guy somewhere near top-management and see, things will move. No, they will not. As we have seen in …

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The chief digital officer part 2 – the tasks, the personality, the skills

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Hi and welcome to chapter 2 of the CDO blog post series.

In the first blog post of a series, I outlined the necessity of the chief digital officer. Digital technology is both – it can be a huge chance if you have the understanding of its power and possibilities. And it will be a threat to your company if you fail to run the transformation.  This huge responsibility needs to be taken by a chief digital officer. In this blog post, I dig into the main tasks of his work and the key aspects of his personality. I also outline the necessary leadership capabilities of such a personality. Let´s go discovering the #CDO 😉

First, I´d like …

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The chief digital officer part 1 – the why, the what, the how

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As the world becomes a digitally connected place, the impact on business is huge. As businesses are not partly affected but as a whole, there needs to be a clear responsibility for the necessary transformatinonal efforts. This blog post outlines, why businesses are in need for a chief digital officer. In a following series of blog posts, I will explain his tasks and responsibilities and finally give and idea how to organize this role inside companies.

In the first blog post, I will focus on the need for such a role in the C-suite.

Understanding digital impact on business

world netAbout 200 years ago, people and busineses laughed about the first …

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Review HR tech 2015: HR and the digital transformation

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I was visiting the HR Tech 2015 in London as speaker and, well, visitor. So I had the chance to listen to some keynotes and panels as well as running a presentation and getting valuable feedback on the activities we do. Key question for me was: How is HR coping with digital transformation in UK?

The first thing I noted after two keynotes on Tuesday refers to the storyline that is being told. “As the world becomes a network, the only way to survive as a company is to become a network, too”. The keynoters took parallels of different perspectives. One was the military: The “big” forces of US had to learn, that their hierarchical command-structure …

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Business view: From weak social networks to real social system power

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A system is a great thing. I love to think in systems. Systems can be small – for example a coffee-machine. You put water and coffee-powder in. Some seconds later fresh coffee comes out. Systems can be huge – the weather is a system too. Well there are many more inputs than a coffee machine needs, but there is also an output – rain, sunshine, fog, storm.

Companies are a system too. There is a lot of input (customer demands, markets, raw material etc). Then the company is adding value (hopefully…). The output of the company is a great product or service that customers can buy. If the customer does not buy the stuff, the system dies and will be replaced …

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The death of the classic org chart: How the connected world transforms your current company setup

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children on playgroundWithout any doubt, the world gets a hyperconnected place – a global network, exchanging more information and data every day. Step by step, “everything” gets connected by the global network, empowering new business models and transforming customers and markets.

Observed from a very high perspective this means that customers and markets become something like a brain – a huge network with small and big hubs. A network that is able to adapt to trends very fast and absorb new ideas and behaviors quickly. A network which generates more innovation faster and faster. A network which creates more disruptive power than ever a change before was able to.

The newspapers are full …

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The simple rule for balance of work and life

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harmonySince the rise of the digital age and the various possibilities of access to the work place, many people say that the work-time melts together with life-time. Many people say that the borders between work and home begin to blur.

If the border blurs, does this mean that you get lost in work? Do you really need to jump to your smartphone whenever it sends a signal? Is it really necessary to check mails every 5 minutes and get the work done?

I have three small kids. If I go with them to the playground I can observe many daddies who do two things in parallel: On the one side they “enjoy the …

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Learning from Guide Michelin awarded chefs about leadership

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Cooking trainingYesterday I found an interesting article in the german economy newspaper “Handelsblatt”. Handelsblatt did an interview with the head-chef Christian Jürgens about his job, his 3rd Guide Michelin star and his understanding of leadership. It is astonishing how this guy changed from boss to leader in order to achieve better results with his team. Learn how he did that.

I have deep respect of star chefs in large and high quality restaurants. They produce awesome dinings for dozens or hundred people in the same time. They act like orchestra conductors, they need fantasy and expert knowledge about any kind of food. And they need a …

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About technology, socbiz trends and a dream – my summary of the IBM Connect 2014

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Again I am travelling to Orlando. Again IBM runs the big conference on social business and related stuff. And again I learned a lot about new technologies, built new contacts and worked on new ideas. But something made me think. It is about the dream that I work for. So let´s jump into the plane and lift off to Florida.


Before we dive into the learning of this year’s conference, let´s have a look on the general opening session. With this session in the early morning, IBM kicks off the conference. The American Authors – a young but already famous group in US – rocked the stage at eight o´clock in …

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My prediction of social business trends in 2014

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Future lookHello new year, you already have send your first signals out to what may happen. As 2014 knocks at the door, it is time to have a look into the possible future and make some predictions of the social business trends that I think will rise.

First prediction: First good answers on benefit of social

Looking into the scene of social business, more and more projects get in trouble because of the still not clear answered question: “Where the heck is the benefit of social”. We all know many possible arguments. They start at “if we do not…” and end in “well we work faster…”. It is an old discussion. But I …

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Why open communication is key success factor for social business

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Communication matters – seems to be a simple truth, but by entering social business communication is brought to a complete new level. Why?

Lets paint an easy picture to make clear where the point is.

ImaginDripping crude oile a traditional company with a traditional hierarchical setup. For communication you have eMail and, in case the company is an advanced one, something like an intranet. And of course a static internet websites. Driving internal communication follows a simple rule – comands are given top down via eMail, daily work is done in the same style. Thats it. Communication habits always follow company culture. In case of a traditional culture, communication is like oil for …

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